Nice to Meet You!

I like to describe my love for pet nutrition as a “psycho passion!” It began in 2007 when working for Nature’s Variety as a brand ambassador. Not only did it spark my interest in feeding my own pets better, it also opened my eyes to the unsavory practices of the pet food industry and sub-par ingredients that go into bags of “food” we are encouraged to give our precious family members.

As a constant learner, I ravenously eat, sleep and breathe anything about proper pet nutrition and the pet industry. It was only fitting that I pursued a certification as a Clinical Pet Nutritionist in order to share my passion and education with pet parents on how to help your pets thrive instead of just survive.

It is my mission to inform pet parents on how to use food therapeutically so their pets shine from the inside out. Armed with the necessary tools, they can stop or heal diseases in their tracks, decrease the use of medications and get off the unhelpful prescription food diets.

I reside in Michigan with my husband, son, English Labradors York & Zim and three of the most purr-fect cats, Kio, Oliver and Murphy!

Kio aka “King”

My 19 year old man! Kio has been a part of the family since kitten-hood when I adopted him in college. He is known as the “King” because he rules the house. The dogs and the other two cats know their order in this house! He keeps everyone in line with a swift swat to the face or hiss. He has never met a food or treat he did not like. He has had quite a diet transformation in his lifetime. Regrettably, he was started in life on dry food for many years. He ballooned up to an unhealthy 23 lbs and the weight really took a toll on his joints as well as kidneys. Until I got the grasp and education on proper pet nutrition and what a cat needs, Kio finally slimmed down to a healthy weight on a species appropriate wet diet. Unfortunately, the years of eating a kibble diet destroyed his kidneys and he is currently ailing from kidney disease. He is indestructible though and doesn’t show many signs of slowing down. He eats a wet food diet and targeted supplements.

Oliver aka “Ollie Bear”

Oliver is 4 years old and full of pure energy! He has been with us since adoption as a young kitten. He is known for snuggling under the covers at night, hiding all toys under furniture, grooming Oprah and stealing the dog beds as his napping spots. A giant love bug who surely completes our cat triad!

Oliver is fed a raw or fresh diet alongside Murphy. He has the most silky, shiny and soft fur! He has a nice svelte figure and beautiful teeth much thanks to his diet.

York aka “Yorkshire Pudding”

Yorkshire Pudding Pop (as my son calls him) is our happy, snuggly, smart and super handsome ball of love and energy. In true Labrador form, he has such a fine tuned nose that he can sniff out crumbs and I swear can even hear them fall before they hit the floor! He has learned from Oprah that getting out a cutting board means a treat may come from it – apple, banana, bell peppers and cucumbers are some favorites!

This goofy lug spends his days ripping apart his stuffed toys, riling up Oprah to play, watching the geese and ducks in the yard and sleeping on his back with legs splayed. There is never a dull moment when you have a Lab in your home!

York’s meals rotate between homemade raw or commercial raw and biologically appropriate, high-quality kibble. His meals are topped with an amazing probiotic for his gut microbiome and omega-3 supplement for skin, coat, brain and heart health.

Mia aka “Princess”

Rainbow Bridge: 2019

Mia is our little princess! She is second in line to the “throne” here in the house! She has been a part of the family for 12 years. Anyone who meets Mia instantly falls in love with her silky, voluptuous fur, sky blue eyes and infectious purr. She can be carried around like a baby and will fall asleep in your arms. Her favorite place to curl up is on our legs and is an ideal heating element in the winter!

Mia is the pickiest of our felines. She too, grew up on a dry kibble diet and succumbed to the addiction dry food has on cats. When she was transitioned to a canned and then full raw diet, she did turn up her nose in protest. However, much to my delight, she took to the raw diet quicker than I thought. She has been raw fed for a few years now and is in vibrant health. Mia is a Siamese breed and they are known for dental issues. She has had almost all her teeth extracted due to dental disease. The years of a dry kibble diet plus genetics were not kind to her mouth. Luckily, her awesome raw diet makes her mouth and body happy!

Sadly, Mia was diagnosed with pleural effusion in October 2019 and quickly passed away. Our hearts are shattered and our home will never be the same.

Oprah aka “Opie”

Rainbow Bridge: 2019

Oprah is our beautiful non-bully, bully breed! She has been a part of the family since 2016 where we adopted her from a Pit Bull rescue in Chicago. As previous pet parents to an American Bulldog, we had big hearts for another bully and instantly fell in love with her. She is the most quiet, gentle, loving, friendly and perfect ambassador for her breed.

When she is not snoring on her bed, she can be easily motivated by peeling a banana or opening a jar of peanut butter! She doesn’t stand far off the ground, but can jump a few feet to grab a chew stick!

When Oprah came to us, she was quite overweight and had bad urinary tract infections. Having been fed a diet of who knows what terrible kibble really packed pounds on her and contributed to the bacterial overgrowth in her bladder. Her meals now rotate between homemade raw or commercial raw and biologically appropriate, high-quality kibble at times.

Feeding our pets their natural, biological diet is so important to their health. There is far too much disease and allergies ravaging their bodies, which is preventable with the right nutrition. It is my mission to help your pet thrive, and not just survive!

Sarah Lyman, CPN