“Sarah has been an invaluable asset to us, not only while our dog was young but also as she has developed health issues as she has aged. Trying to understand dog food labels and decipher what is best can be really difficult and making sure we are giving our dog the best quality of life has been extremely important to us. Sarah has helped us make sure we are giving her the best nutrition possible, educated us on what to look out for in dog food labels and recommended supplements that might help with several of her health conditions including anxiety, IBD and osteoarthritis. I know Sarah has spent countless hours learning about pet nutrition and I trust her expertise as much as our vet when it comes to our dog’s nutrition!”


“Sarah was so easy and great to work with. I have a rescue Frenchie, whom I adore, with health issues that Sarah took into consideration when giving me her assessment of his current nutrition and what would be best for him going forward. I’m beyond grateful to have someone so knowledgeable that gave me options to choose from without being pushy about a certain path. Sir Winston loves his new plan and I love that it’s good for him.”


“Sarah’s knowledge regarding nutrition for our puppy coupled with her overwhelming love for animals and their well-being is invaluable. During the assessment, Sarah was able to offer healthy dietary suggestions and treats along with appropriate supplements. We appreciate her insight, thoroughness and the time she spent with us. We highly recommend Sarah for your pet’s nutritional needs and will consult her again in the future.”

Cara & Derek B., Nutrition Consultation


“We reached out to Bonafide Pet Nutrition & Counseling after our dog was diagnosed with a nodule on her spleen and stomach issues. We had always fed her a high quality kibble, but wanted to do more. Sarah provided great information on diet (including a recipe) and supplements at a very reasonable price. We noticed a marked improvement within several days. Our dog enjoys eating now, which makes us happy. Sarah has checked in several times and we are happy to report that our pup is going strong! Thank you Sarah!!”


“We are so happy Sarah continually shares her in depth knowledge of pet nutrition with us and our 16 year old kitty. Our cat was diagnosed with renal failure and we were told by our vet to feed her only prescription dry food. She wouldn’t eat and began to hide from us and we were talking about if this was the end for her.  I reached out to Sarah and after several consultations, she gave us her recommendations and it turned our kitty around. She began eating, playing and being around us again. Sarah’s knowledge of pet nutrition saved our cat’s life and she continues to share her knowledge with us and our kitty. We can’t thank her enough for saving our kitty!”

Traci & Jeremy S., Nutrition & CBD Consultation


“I cannot thank Sarah enough for her help with my dog. Celie was getting older and had some health issues including pretty severe arthritis. My vet recommended Sarah when we were just fighting a losing battle with the pain. Sarah spent the time learning about both my dog and my needs and developed a nutrition and supplement plan for us. She gave me a recipe with instructions and so much helpful advice as I was figuring it all out. Sarah really cares – she even continues to check in on us. Celie is now on lower doses of pain meds and our walks are getting longer, and she has a spring in her step at the dog park again. I don’t worry about how much longer I get with my pup and that is because of Sarah.”

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