Nutrition Consultations

Proper nutrition is the foundation of perfect health. Our utmost goal is to help your pet thrive and achieve optimum health and well-being. As each animal has different nutritional requirements, no one diet or brand of food is always adequate. A personalized consultation is the perfect way to review your pets current diet and identify their general condition and nutritional needs.

Consultations Include:

  • Questions you may have about your pets current diet and how to improve it.
  • How to switch the current diet to a more species appropriate one and identify which one would suit your pet best. These include canned, commercial raw, dehydrated raw or advice on a home prepared diet.
  • Supplement suggestions and guidance.
  • Condition specific diet therapy advice for ailments such as allergies, itching, obesity, ear infections, urinary tract issues, cancer, kidney and liver issues.
  • Assistance for picky eaters.
  • Ways to reduce or eliminate prescription medications that can cause negative side effects.
  • Scheduling of follow-up consultations to assure nutritional success.

Well-Being Consultations

Does your pet suffer from anxiety? Seizures? Arthritis? Are they showing signs of unnatural behavior? If so, a look into their health, habits and environment may be necessary.

What we will cover:

  • Recommendation of species appropriate supplements.
  • Possible sources of inflammation and how to reduce it.
  • Ways to reduce boredom and destructive behavior.
  • Troubleshooting litter box aversion and issues.
  • Holistic pet product suggestions to improve overall health and happiness (toys, treats, chews, etc.)

Disclaimer:  Sarah is not a licensed veterinarian.  She provides non-veterinary nutritional advice only. Information and recommendations provided are not intended to replace the advice of your veterinarian.

Why Work With Me?

Our mission is to help your pet thrive and achieve optimum health and well-being through a species appropriate diet.

Clinical Pet Nutritionist, C.P.N.

Raw Dog Food Nutrition Specialist

Pet Food Nutrition Specialist

Advanced Pet Nutrition Specialist

Cannabinoid Certification Program: CBD, Physiology and Health

Masterclass in Cannabis for Pets

Associate Member of College of Integrative Veterinary Therapies (CIVT)

Over 15 years in the pet care industry

Member of Association for Truth in Pet Food

Veterinary Partnership

I work with veterinarians to offer clients nutrition options beyond current prescription diets. No pet should need a “prescription” to eat food.

Nourishing the Whole Animal

Using biologically appropriate nutritional diets to nurture the animal from the inside out – not just the condition.

Supplements for Pets

Learn how to choose the right supplements for your pet.

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