I specialize in Functional Pet Nutrition where I investigate underlying factors of nutrition related ailments like diabetes, obesity, allergies, yeast infections, gastrointestinal disorder, liver and kidney issues. These can all stem from improper nutrition and getting to the ROOT cause is the answer to solving your pets chronic issues.

Your cat and dog does not need a “prescription” diet in order to be healthy or solve their diagnosed issue. Many times these diets solve nothing and can make your pet worse off because the root cause is not addressed. Plus, you are paying a lot of money for ingredients that are not species appropriate or bioavailable. I can assist in transitioning your pet off of veterinary prescribed foods, poor commercial foods and improper diets and onto functional, appropriate, fulfilling and nutritious foods.

Just like humans, not every food or diet will work, we are all different biologically and metabolically. Your pet is unique and I take a customized approach to holistic nutrition utilizing curated commercial and boutique pet foods and balanced integrative veterinarian formulated recipes for your pets custom nutrition report.

Proper nutrition is the foundation of perfect health. My utmost goal is to help your pet thrive and achieve optimum health and well-being. You will be armed with the necessary tools and knowledge to help heal chronic conditions or diseases in their tracks, decrease the use of medications and get off the unhelpful prescription food diets.

My nutrition consultations and reports are not charged per minute and include a home prepared recipe. I gather vital information about your pet in order to create an actionable, detailed and extensive informative plan for your pet. You can reference it at anytime and I am always available for questions. It is my absolute pleasure and passion to help your pet truly live and thrive along side you in life. Consultations and reports are all done via email at your convenience.


  • Analysis of your pets current diet, education of ingredients and pinpointing where issues may be coming from.
  • Proposal of new diet recommendations that include cautiously curated commercial foods (ex: raw, kibble, dehydrated).
  • An easy to follow home prepared diet recipe, suited to your pets condition or life stage. They are properly formulated by integrative wellness veterinarians. Recipes follow either TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) food therapy or functional, nutrient rich, bio available ingredients and preparation.
  • How to properly transition your pet to their new diet.
  • Recommendations of beneficial, supportive supplements for condition specific ailments as well as overall well-being.
  • Emphasis on restoring their gut micro-biome if they have been on antibiotics or fed a poor quality diet. Pets who experience diarrhea, constipation, itching, yeast imbalance, ear infections, excessive shedding or tear stains can benefit from a gut reset.
I hold extensive knowledge in species appropriate cat nutrition and care. Cats are special creatures and require specific nutrients and certain ways of feeding. If your cat is suffering from urinary tract issues, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, excessive shedding, dander, constipation, diarrhea, litter box issues or anxiety or is a picky eater, I can help! The correct diet is vital for their health and longevity. I have a 20 year old cat who is still thriving just from being fed what his body needs.