Earthborn Holistic Unrefined Food for Dogs & Puppies

A new line from Earthborn Holistic with a focus on heart-healthy recipes. The formula is enriched with taurine and packed with ancient grains like quinoa, buckwheat and chia seeds. There are no legumes, peas, potatoes, lentils, chicken, beef, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives or byproducts.




Wet Noses Dog Treats

Human-grade baked treats made with full-spectrum hemp-based CBD oil from US grown hemp. Four delicious flavors can be bought that include Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Hemp Seed & Banana.

Under The Weather Bone Broth Formulas

For use when your veterinarian recommends a bland diet to soothe your dog’s digestive tract during times of upset, such as vomiting or diarrhea. This diet is only to be used until healthy digestion is restored, or for as long as your veterinarian recommends. Benefits include joint health support, liver detoxification, digestive health and immune system boost for when your pup is not up to snuff.


Treats & Chews

One Heart Pet Products Happy Fish Treats

Cat treats made with a single, carefully sourced fish. Rich in taurine, protein and omega 3, to support your cat’s eye, brain, joint and heart health.


Charlee Bear Bearnola Bites

Wholesome cluster bites made with oats, cranberries, peanut butter and honey. Preservative, corn, wheat and soy free. Flavors include Pumpkin Spice, P.B. & Honey, Cranberry Cobbler and Blueberry Pie.