Wilder Harrier Turns Pests Into Food

Canadian based pet food company, Wilder Harrier, turns black soldier fly larvae into tasty protein food for dogs. The kibble’s nutritional value includes at least 25% protein and 15% fat, and no more than 6% fiber and 10% moisture.


Incredible Dr. Pol Launching New Pet Food Line

Consumers Supply Distributing LLC, is producing Dr. Pols pet and farm animal foods which include high levels of single-source animal meats and do not include meat meals or by-products. They do not contain corn, wheat, soy or GMOs. Dr. Pol will be showcasing his new line at Super Zoo in Las Vegas.


Monthly CBD Subscription Box for Pets

MyJane, the California-based wellness technology platform curating personalized cannabis experiences for women, is expanding nationally with the launch of “Time to Paws,” a box of CBD products curated for pets and their parents and sold exclusively through CUDDLY.