Purina to Formulate Cat Food for People With Cat Allergies

The manufacturing giant has derived an antibody to Fel d1 to eggs. The chemical compound neutralizes the protein compound in cats saliva.


“BEG” Diets Do Not Equal DCM

Canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) has been a hot topic in the pet food industry, the veterinary community, the press and among pet owners. While certain people may believe they know the root cause of recent cases, the reality is that no link or diet type has been proven to cause DCM in dogs.


CBD & Supplements

CBD Market Big on Pets 

As a whole, CBD in the U.S. alone is expected to reach $24 billion by 2023, with pets taking up 7% of those market sales, according to data from Brightfield Group.


Innovet Launches New Line of Hemp Infused Pet Treats

Innovet Pet, a CBD pet product company, announced July 25 it is launching a new line of hemp-infused dog and cat supplements. The treats are formulated with Wild Alaskan Salmon oil and hemp seed oil to provide Omega 3-6-9 fatty acids.