US & China Trade War May Cost Pet Owners

You may buy pet food made in the United States, but many companies buy their vitamin and mineral pre-mixes from China.


How to Choose Good Commercial Pet Foods

Reading labels and knowing what the ingredients are, where they come from are very important. A company with a high reputation is another key factor in choosing a commercial pet food.


Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw 50% Off at Chow Hound

Save 50% off on Nature’s Variety Instinct Raw frozen dinners at Chow Hound May 24th – 27th!


Freeze Dried Pet Foods on the Rise

Frozen and freeze-dried pet foods are accounting for a good share of the market, coming in at 1.4%.


Pure Pals Introduces New Treat Line

Pure Pals introduces Canine Cravers which is a single ingredient treat line for pets. Treat ingredients are locally sourced in Canada.


Stella & Chewy’s Expands Raw Cat Food Line

Stella’s Selects is the newest product offering for cats from Stella & Chewy’s. The formulation contains only muscle meat and organs from cage-free chickens and turkeys.


Wild Earth Raises $16M for Biotech Vegan Pet Food 

Koji protein is the new “meat”! The animal meat consumption is detrimental to the environment and Wild Earth looks to solve the issue by creating fungi-based protein foods for pets.



Gour Medical Company Creates Pet CBD Line

French company Gour Medical has launched a commercial CBD line for pets.


What is CBD and How Can It Help Your Pet? 

Read on to learn a bit more about CBD and the endocannabinoid system.


Dog Owner Creates Pet CBD Review Site

Blake Armstrong devoted his time to creating a site especially for pet CBD.


California Senate Passes Bill to Allow Vets to Talk Marijuana

Last year, former Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law allowing veterinarians to discuss medical marijuana as a treatment option with pet owners. Now, veterinarians in California could soon be legally recommending medical marijuana for pets.



Tuberculosis Outbreak with Cat Food in the UK

British raw cat food brand, Natural Instinct is named in this recall.


Hills Expands Canned Dog Food Recall

An expansion of recalled food dating back to January was announced by the FDA Wednesday. The FDA said the recall now includes some canned versions of the Hill’s Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care food. Now, there are 25 Prescription and Science Diet canned dog foods that have been recalled from Hills.