Alexandria Pet Food Store Specializes in Organic & Natural Foods

Nature’s Nibbles owner seeks to help pet parents change the way they feed their pets. This store specializes in organic and natural pet foods.


Tiki Cat Launches New Raw Cat Food

Tiki Cat has launched a new raw line for cats. A choice of turkey or chicken proteins with no preservatives, non-GMO ingredients and no added hormones.


Fruits and Vegetables in Pet Nutrition

Meat is essential for dogs, but high-protein diets limiting fruits and veggies may fall short when it comes to promoting their health and well being.


Are Grains So Bad for Dogs?

With all the grain-free dog food scare hoopla, grains may not be so bad. Lisa Lippman, DVM says “It’s extremely, extremely rare for dogs to have a grain sensitivity.”


Tiki Launches Raw Dog Food Line

Tiki Dog Raw is available in three recipes: chicken with chicken bone broth; duck with turkey bone broth; and beef with beef bone broth.



An Active Cat is a Healthy Cat

Dr. Sally J. Foote shares her knowledge and experience for keeping your cat happy and healthy.


How CBD Oil Works for Your Dog

Learn the difference between hemp oil and CBD oil.


Pet Food Recalls

Pig Ears May Be Linked to Salmonella Sickness

Bulk pig ears for dogs have been linked to sickening pet owners with salmonella.