Vegan Dog Foods & Treats

If you’re looking for plant-based offerings for your pooch, check out these 10 dog approved products.


Primal Pet Foods Launches 3 New Food Toppers

Primal introduced a line of functional, whole food meal toppers that offer digestive health benefits, immune system support and joint health support for both dogs and cats, according to the company. The supplements, called Edible Elixirs, can be served as a topper with any type of pet food or alone as treats.


Pet Wellness is the Next Frontier 

The pet industry is booming, and pet parents are taking a more proactive approach to their pets health with quality foods and exercise.


Diet Change is Key to Solving Dog Gas Issues

Gassy dog? The culprit is most likely the food you are feeding them. Highly fermentable foods like grains, and vegetables such as beans, cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli and soybeans are some to blame along with other foods.


Add Fresh Vegetables to Your Dogs Diet

Processed pet food is lacking fresh ingredients. Vegetables are loaded with naturally occurring vitamins and minerals that are vital to dog health. Add them to their bowl daily for proper fiber and nutrients.


Natures Logic Offers Distinction Pet Food

It is 100 percent all natural with no synthetic vitamins or minerals, and no legumes. The nutrition comes from whole foods.


Champion Pet Foods Releases First Transparency Reports

Champion Pet Foods is sharing its transparency of their manufacturing processes and ingredients with the public. They are proud of their recipes and thoughtful ingredient sourcing.


Grandma Mae’s Launches 8 New Canned Cat Foods

The new products include five new pâté and three new chunks in gravy options. The formulas are grain- and carrageenan-free, non-GMO and supplemented with DL-methionine to support urinary tract health.



UrthLeaf Advises What You Need to Know When Choosing CBD

UrthLeaf, a CBD oil manufacturer for pets lends their advice on how to choose the best CBD for your pet.


Top 10 CBD Treats for Dogs

Looking for some great CBD treats for your dog? Check out these top 10 products!