Chippin Pet Food Company Uses Crickets as Protein

Cricket based protein for this company’s pet treats.


Slow Down Your Fast Eater with Puzzles

The best puzzles and slow feeders for your ravenous pet!


Your Prescription Pet Food Is Nothing Special

There is nothing special about prescription pet food. It’s a marketing term derived from Hill’s Science Diet and other pet food companies. Much of the food does nothing for your pet, and may only hinder their condition.


A Healthy Diet for Your Pet is Important

Many pet owners do not know the needs of their dogs or cats. Cats are carnivores and need a predominate meat diet. Dogs need a fresh, varied diet as well.


NomNomNow – Is it for your pet?

NomNomNow is a pet food delivery service. Is it better than your bag of food? One pet owner puts it to the test.


“Clean Food” Labels Are Just Marketing Hype

The big pet food manufacturers lure pet parents into thinking they are buying good, healthy food. Reality: they are just buying into their fancy marketing hype.




Just Food For Dogs Giving Away Calming Samples for July 4

JustFoodForDogs pet food company will be giving away samples of their Calm supplement which has valerian and passion flower which calm and soothe dogs. This will be effective for the July 4th holiday when most dogs become stressed due to the fireworks and loud noises. Isn’t Thinking CBD

You won’t be able to get CBD from anytime soon. Their CEO said they would consider it when it is “legal.”